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The development process of Motocross: Chasing the Dream will be posted here

Would you rather continue development "as is" or pivot for quicker early access release?

Pivot to arcade physics
Continue with sim-cade
Total votes: 62
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I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised with the support when you release a kick starter or any way for us to support the game. We've all been waiting for something new, and this is our only chance for the next few years before some new mx game comes out, that isn't a copy and paste of before.

I 100% think you guys should give us something to play and update physics throughout the following months so you can get supportive criticism from the feedback, and/or things we don't want to change. Hope to get my hands on this game soon! Don't give up.
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Do what you want, do what you think is the best, I'll follow you! I'll buy the game in early access when it'll be release ;)
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I have never played sim. just pc ,x box, ps4. i believe most moto game players would prefer more arcade. a more user friendly approach than having to dedicate months on just learning to keep the bike on 2 wheels. i feel alot of people are so hungry for a new game thats fun and challenging .
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I honestly want the sim-Cade physics, cause we already have too many arcade games such as SX1,2 and 3, Mx vs atv, mxgp, so I’d like to try a sim-cade game just cause we already have arcade games
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I’d take the arcade approach for now just to keep you guys happy and working on the project. The concept of your game is seriously one I have always wanted to play and feel like it would be amazing to play over and over. I will definitely be down to support the kick starter if/when it happens. Keep up the good work guys, the stuff I’ve seen you post looks awesome how it is and I can’t wait to play the early access whenever it drops. I’ve already added this game to my steam lists lol
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I voted for simcade. I want a game that’s rewarding not easy like Nordic or milestone games. BUUUUUT if you’re saying arcady JUST to start like MX Bikes/Sim I would be happy with that as long as the progression to more sim feel is still the goal. Keep going! MX needs more moto games!

Thanks for what you guys are doing LCQ.
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I like the idea behind the game as friends and I have always wanted a more sim type moto game that is geared with a story mode on rising through the ranks. I voted for the pivot to arcade like physics because I'd like to see the game released. I've been playing MX Bikes since early beta and have loved seeing the development of the game. As long as development toward the simcade physics is continued, I'll be happy.
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Keep going simcade. We need something between Reflex and MXBikes or MX Sim, it's the one type of physics that don't exist for MX/SX games.
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Go with whatever works best for you. If it's cool like sim but at all easier then I'm down.
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By any chance would you guys add atvs to the game like MXvsATV and would add more stuff to do as well as some nice builds and variety of stuff to ride, yes a new chassis might need to be made but if it was a dlc for 5 dollars I wouldn't mind getting it because it would add a lot more stuff to do in the game and would probably make the game probably become the first dirtbike and atv simulator game out right now, especially that you guys are doing such a great job with the game that I'm sure many people would be interested in having both style of riding in 1 game cause MXvsATV has a good community of ATV riders and they are fun to ride. Because it just makes the game different and is nice to have 2 different riding styles in one game. Also, Good luck with the game and hope you guys dont have much roadblocks in the way and that development goes good because I know for sure that once the game is out I will be getting it ASAP!
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