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Ever since I was a kid and played the first dirt bike video games on pc and all others ever. I’ve always wanted one with consequences when you crash ,having to get up START the bike and take off. as well as having some crashes take your bike out of the race, also injuries in story mode I’ve always felt like it’s been missing from the moto genre but dirt and other car games have some features where your vehicles do “break”, so it would be cool if each crash could effect bike handling and performance I feel like it would be next level. I also know that there’s only so much you guys and do and fit in😂 . I hope you guys stick with the pick your bike up after crashes and tear offs because there’s so much missing from what effects a single riders race. A lot could happen while racing😉 I can’t wait for this game I’ve been watching for a while please keep thinking outside the box of standard moto games 😘💕
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